Le nouveau Royksopp en écoute intégrale

Les Norvégiens de Royksopp reviennent avec “Senior”, quatrième album qui fait suite à l’excellent “Junior”, sorti en 2009. Nous vous proposons de le découvrir en écoute intégrale.

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Quelques mots du groupe sur les morceaux qui composent ce nouvel album

 1. …And The Forest Began To Sing

– We could have called this track “gearing up”… If one pretends there is a protagonist leading the way through the album, this track is capturing how he perceives “the moment of anticipation”. He’s just opened up a case full of various drugs, and he can’t believe his luck… Where will this take me…?

2. Tricky Two

– The drugs take hold. To us this is a dynamic track where the protagonist is being taken through different stages of the drug. It starts of in the small, gets bigger until the point where the sensation is all-consuming. The track picks up speed, shifts over to harmonic bliss, but always with a certain undercurrent of nausea.

3. The Alcoholic

– A tale of an alcoholic. We share a romantic view on a specific kind of alcoholic. Imagine the grifters in the tale of Pinocchio, but with a taste for booze. We follow the alcoholic for a full day, for the first swig of the day, throughout coexisting tantrums & bliss, until he falls asleep out in the fields. Bless…

4. Senior Living

– Steel guitars, ‘nuff said.

5. The Drug

– This highly synthetic drug is the latest craze. Gentle and appealing at first. Repeated use will result in severe personality distortion. Hear that little sound in your head? That ever decaying little “melody”? ..That’s your mind going…

6. Forsaken Cowboy

– Broken, bruised and rejected by society, our flawed cowboy tries to cope. Godspeed.

7. The Fear

– The reaction to the life you’ve led. It’s sneaking back upon you. Haunting.

8. Coming Home

– Finding peace, sobering up and staying clean.

9. A Long, Long Way

– But abuse comes with a price; A descending or ascending feeling (whatever you prefer – depending where you’re going), until released from this mortal coil.

The Final Day (Hidden track)

– Kinda goes without saying; judgement.

Le clip de “The Drug”, premier single de “Senior”

[youtube FsOVsOjBsp4]


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La critique du disque paraîtra dans le MAD du 29 septembre.

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  1. bodsonbodson

    15 septembre 2010 à 10 h 29 min

    Très bonne surprise après un album “Junior” plutôt bof …

  2. R23

    15 septembre 2010 à 13 h 31 min

    C’est dingue, moi je trouve tout le contraire et ce nouveau sinbgle et son clip…quel ennuis! Comme quoi, on a pas tous les même oreilles.

  3. pardaillan

    15 septembre 2010 à 13 h 33 min

    trés bien , et j’en connais qui se réjouissent ;-))

    continuez ainsi les enfants!

  4. pardaillan

    15 septembre 2010 à 13 h 35 min

    excellent! Et j’en connais d’autres qui adorent;-))
    Continuez ainsi les enfants…

  5. Lars

    16 septembre 2010 à 1 h 17 min

    Très bon album, surtout après “Junior”. Bref, je partage l’avis de bodsonbodson.


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