Agnes Obel est de retour: album, single, tournée

L’album Citizen of Glass sortira le 21 octobre. Le premier extrait est en écoute.

Le single “Familiar” est en écoute sur les plateformes de streaming:

Citizen of Glass est le troisième album de la danoise après Philharmonic (2010) et Aventine (2013). Il a été entièrement enregistré, produit et mixé par Agnes Obel aux studios Aventine-Neukölln et BrandNewMusic chez elle à Berlin.

Selon ses propres mots: “The title comes from the German concept of the gläserner bürger, the human or glass citizen. It’s actually a legal term about the level of privacy the individual has in a state, and in health it’s become a term about how much we know about a person’s body or biology or history – if they’re completely made of glass we know everything. There’s an increasing sense in this world that you have to make yourself a bit of glass. To be willing to open up, use yourself as material, and not just if you’re an artist or a musician.

I worked with the title from the very beginning to push myself to do new things. I wanted to push myself conceptually from the starting point, to push the glass theme throughout the songs in different ways – in the lyrics, in the instruments – to do things in a very new way. As an album, it feels bigger to me, a lot bigger.”

Côté concerts, Obel se produira à l’Ancienne Belgique le 2 novembre. Infos et réservations:




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